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And downward dropping leaves are also turning yellow or brown.

Drooping leaves result from a loss of turgor pressure (internal water pressure that pushes cells' plasma membrane against the cell walls and keeps the plant rigid). Since there are only a few reasons plants lose turgidity, the cause is pretty easy to figure bushdrop.clubg: Middleburg FL.

Sep 02, The primary cause of droopy leaves in the rubber plant is either overwatering or under-watering. Wilting of leaves is usually due to overwatering the plant. Other reasons include too much light or not enough light, poor soil health, temperature fluctuation, or some Name: Rubber Plant or Rubber Tree.

A rubber plant losing leaves can be a sign of overfertilizing.

Is it ok to keep it like that?

You don’t have to fertilize a Rubber Plant heavily: some growers feed only once a year in the spring. Others give the plant a balanced fertilizer at ½ dilution every month during the warm months. In any case, stop fertilizing over the Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

Jun 20, You should be concerned, if your rubber plant is dropping leaves. The causes of rubber plant leaves falling off include improper watering, tree ageing, improper lighting, lack of nutrition.

If your rubber is losing leaves from the bottom up, it might be root related. Light and Light Change A change in the light could be the reason for a rubber plant losing bushdrop.clubg: Middleburg FL. Although it is normal for a few leaves to fall off rubber tree plants during the seasonal change from summer to fall, excessive leaf loss indicates a problem.

If your rubber tree plant seems to be losing lots of leaves for no apparent reason, you need to investigate and address potential issues with light, temperature, moisture, pests and bushdrop.clubg: Middleburg FL. Nov 22, Both overwatering and under-watering might cause lower leaves to drop. Rubber tree fleshy leaves are akin to succulents that store water in their leaves, so too much water will cause leaves Missing: Middleburg FL.

Sep 03, Over-fertilizing and pests can be caused by rubber plant leaf dropping. Generally, Aphids, Spider mite webbing, scale bugs, or waxy white mealybugs are common pests of rubber plants. These pests could be the cause of leave dropping and falling.

The over-temperature and extreme cold could be the reason for rubber Plant leaves curling and droopingMissing: Middleburg FL. Aug 26, A Rubber Plant can lose leaves for a number of reasons.

Horticultural oils and insecticidal soap work too; pyrethrin is especially effective.

If your plant has been losing leaves from the bottom up, it might be root related. Experienced growers say"problems with bottom leaves means a problem with bottom roots". It could be too much or too little water but is nearly always too little water on the bottom bushdrop.clubg: Middleburg FL.

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